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Wed Jun 26, 2019 12:08 pm
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Well Nuwan, Yes it all depends on personal capacity.

However in a down market one proved strategy is to buy in the smallest quantities. If you buy  a specific company share say TPL today at price x tommorow you may be able to buy at x-1. If so better to average down.

This is how I purchased JKH in a down market twelve years ago.

DateCompanyMkt priceQuantityPurchased value
5/9/2006John Keels Holdings129.0050065,419.13
6/9/2006John Keels Holdings129.501,000131,343.39
22/01/07John Keels Holdings218.0010022,186.00
23/01/07John Keels Holdings205.0010020,792.13
23/01/07John Keels Holdings205.0010020,792.13
John Keels Holdings145
24/01/07John Keels Holdings201.0010020,386.43
26/01/07John Keels Holdings208.0020042,192.80
26/01/07John Keels Holdings206.0010020,893.55
20/02/07John Keels Holdings185.0010018,763.63
20/0207John Keels Holdings140.00202,800.00
12/3/2007John Keels Holdings180.0020036,513.00
16/3/07John Keels Holdings144.7510014,681.93
16/3/07John Keels Holdings145.0010014,707.28
26/3/07John Keels Holdings155.0010015,721.00
30/03/07John Keels HoldingsDividend
18/5/07John Keels Holdings143.7510014,580.53
4/7/2007John Keels HoldingsDividend
18/7/07John Keels Holdings129.7510013,161.00
15/8/07John Keels HoldingsBonus Fraction
16/8/07John Keels Holdings126.0010012,780.77
29/8/07John Keels Holdings129.0020026,167.65
29/8/07John Keels Holdings130.00283,695.78
29/8/07John Keels Holdings129.2510013,110.30
29/8/07John Keels Holdings129.2510013,110.30
11/10/2007John Keels Holdings127.2510012,907.51
11/1/2008John Keels Holdings121.0010012,273.80
26/2/08John Keels HoldingsDividend
4/21/2008John Keels Holdings119.0010012,071.00
4/21/2008John Keels HoldingsDividend
4/23/2008John Keels Holdings118.001,000119,681.50
6/27/2008John Keels HoldingsDividend
7/22/2008John Keels Holdings97.7540039,657.18
8/22/2008John Keels Holdings101.0020020,487.85
8/22/2008John Keels Holdings99.5050050,458.95
9/19/2008John Keels Holdings86.751,00087,986.20
10/7/2008John Keels HoldingsDividend
10/22/2008John Keels Holdings64.001006,494.28
12/16/2008John Keels Holdings57.7520011,716.13
12/23/2008John Keels Holdings50.001,00050,712.50
1/8/2009John Keels Holdings50.002,000101,191.74
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Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:22 pm
thank you YK. have got the idea why collecting small qtys.
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