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DV-2024 Program: Online RegistrationThu Oct 06, 2022 11:26 amකිත්සිරි ද සිල්වා

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hey guys be wise ha ha ha

Ethical Trader
Hawk Eye
කිත්සිරි ද සිල්වා
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hey  guys be wise ha ha ha - Page 4 Empty Re: hey guys be wise ha ha ha

Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:28 pm
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slstock wrote:SPW19721

Yes I understand he could do that if he has no ethics to bite a  guy who tried to help It has been done before by others.

But did you really read the post fully?
It was meant mostly for others for Educational stuff !!! Even has point about market behavior .

There were people in this forum who were confused why I  mediated. There will be more.
I explained to them and other members.  

Anyway read the below also and specially the last part.
Then you will see.


I was at an outing that brought me happiness and peace (before I checked the forum)  
and writing all this.



Call it what you may   but read what BlackNight said in depth .
It has some Serious Depth and truth seen only to the reasonable people.
It will make Forum better.



To All  isn't there  much bigger issue forgotten ?

Why did the 2 people who artificially agrees with principles of this forum like a post
which was not clear to anyone even?

I requested the 2 people to say why they did it and what they understood by it ?
Well as usual no response.

So who are these people  who appears as friends but silently lay inside the grass  and add hay  to fire?

Most people here agreed that this forum was built on a set of values  including earning ethically and justifiably.
So  why double games?

a) Should  I tell who they are?  I know who.

b) Or should I for decency  sake be gentlemanly again which maybe be mistake?
   To be frank I rather  like to see them think and do what is right .
   ( no double games,  hate  and come to senses)
c) But as I know for a fact atleast one of them  won't stop  at it.  It has been going on
  for years ( reason.. a very mysterious one no one will guess )

 I also have compiled a  list names who logged on after Karuna and me .
 If one is smart one can so easily  rule out many names and be left with a very few to find   the 2 who Liked Wink   ( I have proof  if one challenges )

I can tell you firm the remaining  names will surprise you Wink

a)  If one has a personal issue , PM.
b)  If one  has an agenda hurting forum values , and to stop the few who does stand up for the right , one need to understand that is not the right forum  and correct themselves.

Look people...

a) When GMNet ( SLEF ) came here and  invited me to take over Admin at SLEF ( in 2014) I stayed with you"ll here for a reason.

b)  When I got an invitation to join another discussion place with Monetary benefits
( which would have earned me a lot of money by now) ,  I politely turn it down so I can  give Free insights and be with you guys and for  this forum.

c) When this forum was attacked by SLEF ( feb 2015) to divert link/traffic to SLEF,  I was here 5 hours defending and cleaning the place. Later  First Guy came to help.
Chutiputha and Nihal was active also then to fight.

d) When a Bond  promotion came at the wrong time  I mediated. Later FG also helped to add balance.
e) When Maharaja had issues with Seniors I stuck my neck out to mediate .
When Wolf ( maharajas  "friend" ) tried to separate the forum, I  came back to protect the  forum   at crucial time (  FG came later)  

f) Once again when this forum was tested by Karuna, I again came  to talk to Karuna .
for his sake and the forum sake.

I was there 101 other times for the forum .  I did so at crucial times .
Does anyone  see or appreciate that?

I think I done my part more than enough to protect this forum.
Isn't it  upto to you"ll to do your part too to

a)  stand up for what is right when needed
b)  protect those who  kept the forum alive   ( with no agenda)
c)  concentrate on cultivating the seeds and not letting the  weeds growth

All I know is 95% of this forum does n't care.  They are short sighted.

If someone caters to their need ( mostly to grow money) by right way or wrong  way , they  will forget the past even and bite  the hand that helped even if they have to.

Others know that weakness. That why they  exploit it  here at crucial times.

 Take it seriously to think and correct ourselves .
  Accept it or not is upto you.
  I just did the  messenging part .
  All I can say is I was here again  during  crucial time when  forum unity was tested to  
  add strength.
 Have a good Sunday.

ps:   I  spent too much time. Now have other stuff to do.

Thank you SLS for acknowledging my comment. It really means a lot to me. And I feel I have done my responsibility in my part.
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