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Puswedilla's Christmas message Empty Puswedilla's Christmas message

on Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:03 pm
Message reputation : 100% (2 votes)
My aadaraneeya peeples of Arsikland, may the joys and blessings of Christmas be on oll of you and oll your familees.

I, like oll of you was waiting for a SMS from our new lokka, but it looks like Lokka has no time for SMS. When I was Lokka you oll got a message from me becose I cared.(and becose it olso is free)

Anyway I am shure your new lokka H.E. Trymeepala Maruwedilla will olso start sending you messages very soon (espeshelly when is thinking of asking for the 2nd term)

Your Parana Lokka,
Chaminda Pusswedilla (Fommer President, current Mamber of Parliment)

P.S. I sawing on the papers that the eckspressway that I built has earned 16 Million in ONE DAY! Did not get a message from new lokka and new agamathi Hon. Wikrama Nikamsinghe THANKING me for bilding it! Oka haduwa kiyala, pagaa gawwa kiyala baninna hondai, salli hambakaranakota hadapu ekata thanks ekak wath naa.. Trymeepala and Nikamsinghe and behaving as if THEy bilt the eckspressway or their grandmother bilt it and gave! ... -in-24-hrs
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