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CSE launches twitter handle @CSE_Media  Empty CSE launches twitter handle @CSE_Media

on Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:10 pm
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Media Release 26th March 2014

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) today announced the launch of their twitter handle @CSE_Media, to keep investors informed on the market updates of the Stock Exchange via a twitter feed. The twitter handle is aimed at retail investors, media personnel, and students who are eager to receive on-the-go information from the stock exchange on a wide variety of areas.

The venture into social media follows the CSE’s launch of an Android Mobile Application which has seen a resounding response from those eager for up-to-date market information.

Currently the twitter handle offers updates on corporate disclosures, CSE circulars, SEC directives, CSE media releases, and upcoming and ongoing events. Twitter followers will also receive a close-of-trading update on the two main indices, share volume and market turnover, linked to the market summary report for the day.

Twitter is an ideal medium of connecting with the CSE, for listed companies as well, since they may retweet their information and disclosures via the CSE twitter handle and thereby access a wider audience.

“As we aim to bring in more retail investors the need to disseminate information faster and keep our investors informed of changes that could affect their investments has become of prime importance. By utilizing social media we hope to reach our younger stakeholders through a medium they are familiar with and access often. In 2013 we saw over 200 active accounts being opened by those within the 18 to 25 age group and thus we see this demographic as a vital element in the growth of the retail investor segment,” Chairman of the CSE Mr. Krishan Balendra said.

“We believe that as a stock exchange and the facilitator of investment, in listed companies, we play the primary role of developing a well informed and wise investor. We hope to use the most avant-guard technology for this task and the mobile app, which
was launched recently was one such venture. Today, with the launch of the CSE twitter handle we make our foray into the world of social media,” CEO of the CSE Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike said.

The CSE hopes to venture into more social media avenues in the coming months, to provide the public with a stronger base of information and interact with current and potential investors.

"Investing is easy to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master."
First Guy
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CSE launches twitter handle @CSE_Media  Empty Re: CSE launches twitter handle @CSE_Media

on Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:40 pm
This in fact has been around for a while.
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CSE launches twitter handle @CSE_Media  Empty Get CSE Announcements straight to your mobile free!

on Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:16 pm
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Just found this out. I don't know how many of you use this feature, but it's a godsend.

Get CSE Announcements straight to your mobile free! (via Twitter)

Want to get updates from @CSE_Media but don’t want to create a Twitter account? No problem! Use SMS follow to receive Twitter updates without having to sign up or add your phone to a Twitter account.

To get started:
SMS follow allows you to get great content, directly from people you choose to follow, straight to your phone.

Send "Follow CSE_Media" to your Twitter shortcode (40404), and you will start receiving Tweets from CSE on your phone/device.
Example: sms "follow CSE_Media" to 40404 on your mobitel/dialog/hutch/airtel phone would mean I'd start getting SMS updates whenever @CSE_Media posts a Tweet.

Furthermore it's totally free after setting up. Only the initial (setting up)sms charge Rs1 or 2 will be deducted.

Official Twitter:

Some notes on SMS following:

As a SMS follow user, you will only be able to receive updates from accounts you follow.
SMS follow users have a limit to how many updates they can receive daily. If you have hit your limit, you will receive the message “You've reached your daily limit for Tweet notifications.” If you would like to receive more updates just reply with your full name and follow the instructions to create a full Twitter account.
As a SMS follow user, your phone number (or any other personal information) will not be included in the follower list of users you choose to follow.
If you have a Twitter account with a username and profile (not an SMS follow account), any SMS follow user who chooses to follow you will be reflected in your overall follower count.

Have a SMS follow account but want to experience all Twitter has to offer? Learn how to create a Twitter username and profile here:
Visit and follow the sign up flow on the homepage.
Or, text your full name to your mobile provider's shortcode.
More instructions can be found here. Remember, even if you don't have a profile, your use is subjected to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Fast follow mobile commands:
Below you’ll see all of the SMS commands you can use as a fast follower. All other SMS commands, including those for registered users, can be found here.

Follow [username] - allows you to receive updates from that user.
OFF or STOP or LEAVE - turns off receiving updates from the users you are following.
ON - will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
WHOIS [username] - retrieves the profile information of the user.
STATS - returns the number of people that you are following.
GET [username] - retrieves the latest update that user has posted.
To remove your phone and SMS follower list from Twitter:

Sending STOP twice in succession to your shortcode will delete your follower list and remove your phone number from Twitter. You will no longer receive updates from us.
You can send Follow [username] anytime and start receiving updates again!
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