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How to rescue embattled Rajapakses ?

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How to rescue embattled Rajapakses ?

Post by Ethical Trader on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:36 pm

How to rescue embattled Rajapakses ? Theme of secret discussion of troika, Ranil-Mahinda-Sagala at Singapore Grand Hyatt hotel !

(Lanka-e-News -26.Feb.2017, 10.30PM)

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe ,and Law and order minister Sagala Ratnayake met with ex deposed president Mahinda Rajapakse on the 17 th in Singapore . This was a secret meeting , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

While the P.M. was in Singapore after concluding his tour of Australia , the Machiavellian ex president Mahinda Rajapakse too was there citing medical attention grounds , and he took lodging at the Shangri La hotel. Sagala too left for Singapore saying he needed medical treatment there.

The secret meeting of the troika – Ranil-Mahinda –Sagala took place on the 17 th at a different hotel – Grand Hyatt Hotel , Singapore .

It is a well and widely known fact that the investigations conducted by the FCID and CID into the brutal murders committed by Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse and his family members , and their colossal frauds have reached the final phase. The massive funds kept hidden in foreign countries by the Rajapakses too have by now come to light . In other words the Rajapakses who are a byword for monumental corruption , rackets and murders are in a most embarrassed and embattled state currently.

The main aim and objective of the discussion of this troika – Ranil-Mahinda –Sagala has been how to rescue the culprits (Rajapakses and family members) from their crimes.

A number of things were discussed , and Lanka e news is well informed about what were discussed. But for the moment let us reveal just one item that was on the agenda….

It has been decided that the two senior DIGs in charge of the FCID and the CID who are discharging their duties duly sans interference be transferred , as a first step towards saving the Rajapakses . Sagala who has returned to the Island is now moving heaven and earth in that direction.

If anybody is taking steps to rescue corrupt brutal Rajapakses , the pro good governance masses treating such an individual as a traitor and an enemy of theirs is inevitable. Such an individual is an enemy of good governance irrespective of his status and rank. To pro good governance masses his high position , status or rank is immaterial.

Lanka e news which always champions the cause of the pro good governance masses in the best interests of the nation at large , always stood by and been alongside the masses is ready to strip nude such individuals in public who are seeking to save or safeguard the notorious, murderous, corrupt Rajapakse villains who routed the country’s economy and plunged the entire nation into the deepest depths of despair.

It is well to recall 6.2 million people of SL on the 8 th of January 2015 threw out the corrupt , cruel and crooked Rajapakses lock , stock and barrel , and allowed them to flee to Medamulana safely without punishing them because the present rulers made several solemn promises that these rascals and scoundrels who drove the country to rack and ruin during the whole of the last nefarious decade , shall be meted out punishment duly .Otherwise the people themselves would have given the Rajapakse scoundrels and rascals the maximum sentence in the same way as Gadafi of Libya was punished .

In the circumstances , if anybody is today seeking to circumvent the law or obstruct the legal processes and punishment, for and on behalf of the traitorous , crooked and criminal Rajapakses , that individual without any trace of doubt is going to be considered by the masses as a worse criminal and crook than even the Rajapakses.

May we assert no matter how secretly the discussions are held, those secrets will somehow seep out because walls have ears .Hence , let us issue a dire warning to the P.M. ,and the law and order minister not to conduct themselves in a manner that could provoke the public .
Ethical Trader
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Re: How to rescue embattled Rajapakses ?

Post by Ethical Trader on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:47 pm

?Does this news carry any true facts. I don't know. Keep your eyes open wide. Will wait & see.

I began to visit Lanka e-news recently, because, they expose any shady moves first & ruthlessly. Even BBC Sandeshaya has now begun to source their news items from Lanka e-news.

Disclosure: I am a true Yahapalanaya fan, but I never take any thing the Govt., do blindly. This is what a brilliant democracy requires, not just Eheiyas.
Ethical Trader
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Re: How to rescue embattled Rajapakses ?

Post by smallville on Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:53 pm

It was previuosly even notified that Cnews is a gossip web (we all knw who controls this)and de information was biased as well. Thus we refrain from takin these into serious notice.

Enews is no difference. former is anti govt. latter is more pro govt.. they do report som balance stuff yet we cannot ascertain the truth behind their motives.

If thrs any other source, pls publish... gossip is not news.. if so we can hav so many includin harigossip Wink
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